What Mystery Santa has been doing recently?

Merry Christmas!

Published: 10 November 2018

Merry Christmast!

Another year has passed and I hope some of you will come back again to organize a gift exchange with friends and family.

Santa has been very busy this year, but managed to add one new feature: from now you can find your matches on the event page, not only in the email message as previously. That should solve problems in a few cases when emails didn’t arrive to the recipients.

For next year, possibility to change names and avatars will be added

Mystery Santa wishes all you you healthy happy and merry Christmas!

Welcome in year 2017!

Published: 24 October 2017

Welcome everyone in year 2017! It’s the second year of Mystery Santa. Gifting season is slowly approaching and I hope our website will be as popular with you as it was last year.

Through the windows we can see autumn in full swing and there are still two full months before Christmas. Because of that I won’t bother you too much about gifts, but I wanted to remind you that we’re still here and what new features we’ve prepared for this year.

We’ve refreshed design a bit, polished a few rough edges but primarily we’ve added now a capability to exclude pairs of participants from getting matched to each other. A few of you has requested this feature last year so here it is. Below you’ll find a brief tutorial to this feagure:

All you need is checking a new option when creating an event:

First image

At the event page you’ll be infrormed that before assiging everyone someone to gift, you’ll be able to exclude some participant pairs:

Second image

Consequently, at the matching page you’ll see a button “Exclude matches”:

Third image

Which will show a view that you can use to exclude certain parts of participants:

Fourth image

Just be careful, as if you exclude too much matching may not be possible anymore!