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Give the gift of sharing

This website will help you organize a gift exchange with your friends in a way that noone knows who is gifting whom.

The rest is up to you.


It's just for you and the ones you want to share it with. Log in with your Facebook profile or open a new account and create some personal events. Only people you've invited will be able to see it.

About gifting

This website is all about people giving gifts to each other and bringing them joy. Try yourself and see.


All the matches are done by Santa in secret and never revealed to anyone. Only the relevant person will receive the email with full trust to keep it secret.

Built with Love

I made this website for my friends and I'd like to share it with everyone to have as good experience as we had. Please contact me if you need anything.


What Mystery Santa has been doing recently?

Merry Christmas!

Published: 10 November 2018

Merry Christmast!

Another year has passed and I hope some of you will come back again to organize a gift exchange with friends and family.


Our Process

You are three steps away from gifting someone

Create an event

  • Set a name
  • Write description
  • Choose an image

Invite your friends

  • You can invite them by email address
  • Or by sharing a special link
  • Close an event when everybody is in

Make matches

  • Every guest will get assigned someone, to gift.
  • According to the methods only Santa knows
  • Noone but a designated person knows whom are they gifting

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It's free and will always be.

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